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The God Project is a Topeka-based electronic rock band with electronic music background. God Project was formed in early 2003 in Topeka from two solo electro-industrial projects, Assembly of God and Fata1 Error. As new members were mixed in, what was essentially a live PA became a live band.

The God Project molded itself into a 5-piece, including KC’s David Remmick (who left to pursue other projects) and Jeromy Coffman (formerly of Shein Fein, Subterfuge, Hook & Ladder and The Last Tyrant) who left to pursue Canada.

As a five piece, God Project shared the stage with a variety of local and national acts, from Diamond Nights to KMFDM to Genitorturers, along with numerous other local national and international rock, metal, electronic and industrial 02acts.

The Absence EP was recorded to capture the bands sound during that phase, a somewhat warm, progressive rock take on a variety of track that began as cold electronic pieces.

The God Project continues to tour, write and record in any state, currently a three-piece, featuring live vocals, guitars, drums and synthesizers with electronic elements.

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