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Our current tote-along to give physical presence to the music a.k.a. a demo we distribute at the shows. Tends to change to include more recent stuff, untill we get something real pressed.

Compilation Appearences

Interbreeding II:Industrial Mutation

The second in the serious of industrial compilations by BLC Music. Featuring Hocico, Tactical Sekt, and of course, the God Project. (Purchase here)

Disc 1 (of 2)
11. The God Project - After

Published Remixes

Diverje vs. Soul Circuit - Stronger

1. Stronger (God Project remix)

Soul Circuit - When Time Runs Out
14. When Time Runs Out (Apathetic Souls Remix by God Project)

I'm Under No One
14. When Time Runs Out (God Project)

Un-Published Remixes

Imperative Reaction

Faded Into One (lost mix)


Giving in to the Change (God Project remix)


I'm Under No One (God Project Remix)

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