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NXT... (January. 2010)

Haven't been very vocal, but we have been working on stuff. The upcoming shows will include material you haven't heard before.

Also, we uploaded the original track from our 2006 release, Absence, onto, and we're charging the best price ever: whatever you want to pay for it.

<a href="">Forlorn by The God Project</a>


NXT... (July. 2009)

Add us on yer Facebook:

The God Project on Facebook

And don't miss us Sept. 3 with Imperative Reaction & Psyclon 9 at the Jackpot Music Hall in Lawrence.


New members... (July. 2009)

Adding our new bassist, Travis, this month, so no shows for July.

Catch the shiny, new version of the band at Round 1 of The Battle for Freaker's Ball, Aug. 1 @ The Mission Theater, Mission, Ks.

Purchase presale tickets from us in person or online - $8 presale (or $10 day of show).


The state of things... (Nov. 2008)

I'm pretty much done trying to sound cool, so here's a no-hype update.

We've got a new drummer, Jason Wingerson (formerly of Stand Under Nothing), who seems to be fitting in well. His first show with us will be Nov. 22 at The Boobie Trap, 9th & washburn, Topeka. It will also be our first show in our "hometown" since mid-2007 (which was the last show at our beloved Static Bar, R.I.P.). Egypt has also taken over the bass roll full time. Jeremy and Josh are where they've always been....

We've upped the lights a bit. Not to look like rick stars, but because lights look cool. Both to us and to you, the audience. The looking like rock stars is a nice benefit though. If you've seen local metal bands Sicadis, Dollhouse Rumor and/or Out of the Suffering rocking big stages with lots of lights, that was our rig...

We're writting new stuff, retooling old things, and try hard to finish things that have stood on the shelf too long. We've been on sub-hiatus long enough to be a bit more exited about working hard to accomplish something, mostly for ourselves, but we do enjoy an audience...

Hope to see some good local support Nov. 22, it -is- kind of nice to feel like you have a hometown, sometimes...

Enough for now...

J,J,J & E


The "news" (Aug. 2007)

- News shows, including an opening slot for MS/Julien-K and tour dates with Mankind sis Obsolete.

- New shirts, this week (preview on the Myspace). Other new merch arriving over the coming shows...

- New music, cds. Several news songs in the live set. Recording and CD before the end of the year.

- New web site. This ones old...coming soon...


Still kicking...

Check the tour section for new shows, including a few regional dates. We'll be playing a lot comming up, but we'll be in the studio come winter, and be out a bit less...Also, watch for some lineup additions.

Additional show info on the GP myspace.

Still kicking...

Check the tour section for new shows, including a few regional dates. We'll be playing a lot comming up, but we'll be in the studio come winter, and be out a bit less...Also, watch for some lineup additions.

Additional show info on the GP myspace.

New CD (& tour, yo..)

CD's arrived today. We're pretty happy, but ready to start making new music too (and of course have already got started).

Absence will be available on a limited supply dirrectly from the band. $10 will cover the cd & shipping. We'll throw in a shirt (boys or girls) for $20.

We've posted a couple of our tracks from our CD, Absence, on our MySpace -

The tracks, "Another" and "Forlorn", are on the site, representing the work we've done as we moved from a studio project to a live band, and the way this affected our music. Absence captures where that took us.

The CD will be available first on tour, as we hit several dates in the upper Midwest, starting tomorrow night in Omaha.

March 17 - Omaha, NE - The Roxbury
March 22 - Madison, WI - Club Inferno
March 23 - Chicao, IL - The Uptown Lounge
March 24 - Iowa City - Hall Mall
March 25 - Minniapolis, MN - The Kitty Cay Klub

We're also playing Lawrence, Kansas April 23 with Slick Idiot and MMTM @ The Granada & May 20 with Machinegun Symphony. Plenty of other dates upcomming and in the works. Should be a busy summer. |

God Project on tour..

We'll be out with new CDs and some of our favorite bands (like Cyanotic & LiD, incase you don't know...), along with copies of the Dark Sonus compilation.

Dark Sonus Releases

'DarkSonus'V/A Compilation Vol. 1

01. v01d - Revolutions
02. Seventh Image - City Of Light (edit)
03. PTI - Identify
04. GenCAB - DMT
05. CeoXiME - Seems to Be
06. The God Project - Intolerance
07. Cyanotic - Suspension Of Disbelief
08. Deadliner - Aurelander
09. Unease - Beyond The Trivial
10. Dichotomy Incarante - Defiant Majesty
11. iammynewt - youRN
12. SMP - Slag
13. Endif vs Leichenfeld - Carrion Swarm
14. Diverje - Your Pleasure (demo edit)
15. Y-Luk-O - Dandelion's Dream
16. Mindless Faith vs Deliccato - So Much For Salvation
17. Hate Statement - Klank
18. VTG - Softly

We will have copies available at shows.

GP's in movies...

Design of Future Worlds has just put up a trailer for their independent film "Shadows on the Wall"

Design of Future Worlds

The soundtrack features the original verions of "Another," "Alone and Nothing" and "Anomaly." "Another" is on the trailer.

View here:

Design of Future Worlds site:

Special announcement

KMFDM, Acumen Nation, God Project.
Oct. 15 @ The Granada
Lawrence, Ks

Come see the darker side of Lawrence, with special guest, More Machine Than Man...

More updates...

We'll be playing with SMP, LiD and Lawrence's own J.Pheonix at the majestic Bottleneck, 737 New Hampshire in that blue island in the red sea we call Kansas. Come check us out, or we'll have you house ripped down in the name of private domain.

Also, in a catagory of "because we can", The God Project has been tearing up the electro-industrial charts at, but you knew that would happen...oh, and their review of us brought a tear to my eye, so go read it.

I lied...

Shows, glorious shows... So we can't quit playing them. We got a couple lined up for early June. We'll be heading back to Omaha on Saturday, June 11, and bringing our friends LiD along to that center of drunkeness that is Mikes House. Also, on June 17, we'll be playing with Asy9, Sublevel 03 and Razor Wire Halo at the Bottleneck in Lawrence.

One last show then a break...

We're gonna do one more show, May 3, at the Bottleneck with Dead Sexy, Lid and Concrete Core before taking a break to finish our friggin' album, cause really.... See tourpage for more info.

April show, interview...

We are Lined up a show with Asy9Sunday, April 17 at Balanca's Pyro Room (downstairs), 1809 Grand in KCMO. See tour for more info.

Also, check out for a recent interview and pics from the Bottleneck show in March.

March Shows

Two March shows are added, including March 3 at Balanca's in Kansas City & March 9 at The Bottleneck in Lawrence, Ks. See tourfor more info.


Yep, check out the free God Project T-shirt contest.
Enter by joining the forum. (Details in Forum>News)

New site, live dates, etc...

Something about the old site was just becoming tedious. It didn't feel like it represented us anymore. It was tedious to update, and I just needed something simpler. This will do for now, and, it matches the new T-shirts.

News shirts are $10, girl tees and guys tee. Pick them up before the sell out, the original GP T-shirts are pretty much gone

Also, looks like we'll be playing Burning of the Bunny this year [Axis (from Tulsa) is the only other act booked so far] along with a couple of KC nights. The only confirmed date so far is March 3 @ Balancas. [rocking @ the gay bar, gay bar...]. The Balancas show will be our 20th performance.

Also, huge thanks to those who showed up for Attrition, we had a great show, so did they. Some of you, obviously, missed that.

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